The Swords of Liberty are an outlaw band of "freedom fighters" from Breland who orchestrate acts of violence aimed at reigniting the Last War and overthrowing monarchies across Khorvaire. Members of this group are referred to as Swords, and they wear Brelish blue hoods to hide their identities in their meetings. The organization primarily consists of small cells of Swords operating in Breland, but will occasionally stage missions outside of its borders.[1] [2]

The Swords of Liberty emerged after the start of the Last War with the goals of violently overthrowing the Brelish monarchy and forming a democratic government in its place. Since the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold, the group also seeks to reignite the Last War in the belief that the other nations of Khorvaire are too weakened by the war to resist Breland.[2]

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