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Sul Khatesh, called the Keeper of Secrets is an Overlord of occult knowledge from the Age of Demons.[1][3]


Sul Khatesh is one of the Overlords who claimed rule over all of Eberron during the Age of Demons. She was bound by the dragons and couatl after they jointly discovered the Draconic Prophecy, and the couatl sacrificed themselves to form the Silver Flame.[1][3]

Sul Khatesh is bound far below the floating towers of Arcanix by the power of the Silver Flame and several tons of stone.[1][3]

She bears particular animosity towards the dragons of Argonnessen and, if freed, would manipulate forces against them.[1]


Sul Khatesh's preferred form is a 12-foot-tall hooded humanoid figure draped in flowing shadow surrounded by clinging mists that obscure her features.[1]

As with all Overlords, Sul Khatesh has no true fixed form, and can assume any shape and size of her choosing.[1]


The Keeper of Secrets claims mastery over magic, the arcane, and secret knowledge of all kinds. Her domains are Knowledge and Magic. She is an epic-level wizard and archmage, capable of casting spells spontaneously, even spells enhanced by metamagic feats, and wielding enough power to overpower and destroy antimagic fields.[1]

Though she is truly bound and only dimly conscious of the world, she can still observe standing ruins from the Age of Demons and her chosen servants among the rakshasa, as well as any location after her name or title is spoken for a short time.[1]

Sul Khatesh is said to touch mortal minds even while bound by the Silver Flame. She might have influenced the wizards of the Arcane Congress or had a hand in driving Mordain the Fleshweaver down his dark path.[1]


Sul Khatesh has followers in House Orien and the nation of Aundair.[4]




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