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Stormreach is a small frontier city nestled on the eastern coast of the Skyfall Peninsula in Xen'drik. Despite its small population, Stormreach is an important city because of its location, allowing easy docking access to travelers wishing to enter Xen'drik. The city also acts as a center for trade and commerce for all who visit the lost continent of Xen'drik. Stormreach is known by some as the "City of Dungeons" because it was built atop an ancient city from the long-lost civilization of giants.


The Age of Demons[]

Little is known about the Age of Demons, although modern scholars have great interest in this time. It is known that rakshasa rajahs ruled domains in Xen'drik and were opposed by the dragons, couatls and titans, the giants' ancestors.

Explorers frequently find relics of that long-ago time, such as rakshasa's magical blades or a brass spire of Ashtakala.

Rushemé storytellers believe a great curse was placed upon the land near the northern ocean, which might be connected to the terrible secret that lays deep beneath ancient ruins of the giants.

Modern History[]

Stormreach was initially used as a hideout for pirates and smugglers who attacked vessels traversing the Thunder Sea to the north. From Stormreach, pirates could easily regroup, as well as trade among other pirates. In 800 YK, as the continent of Xen'drik became an interest to scholars and the dragonmarked houses, the houses petitioned the King of Galifar to cleanse the area of pirates and by 802 YK the Galifar navy had done its job.

The Omaren Revolt[]

In 890 YK, Castal Omarren, House Omaren's Stormlord, attempted to eliminate other stormlords to become the one and only ruler of the city. The coup failed, but the Omarens were allowed to maintain their lordship, but not without heavy penalties.

The Fire Storm[]

In 946 YK, the city was attacked by the Battalion of the Basalt Towers, fire giants who controlled meteor swarms that almost destroyed the city. They were defeated by an alliance of the giants of Rushemé, the Stormreach Guard, and the dragonmarked houses. The Basalt Towers were shattered, but some of the giants seem to have survived, and to be rebuilding their forces.

The Last War[]

Despite having sworn allegiance to Galifar, Stormreach and its multicultural inhabitants had no loyalty to the crown, remaining neutral throughout the Last War, at least in political affairs. In the years after the Last War, its enmities still resonate in the city's militias and gangs, who have developed based on national themes.


Despite ousting a large majority of the pirates and smugglers, a few powerful smugglers, called the Coin Lords, took advantage of the reduction in competition and became the first leaders of Stormreach. Their descendants continue to govern over Stormreach to this day. Currently, Stormreach is governed by five hereditary nobles. A Harbor Lord oversees all harbor activities, while four Coin Lords maintain the rest of the city. Together, these five nobles are called the Storm Lords.

The Storm Lords hold sway over the city of Stormreach. In 800 YK, the Kingdom of Galifar made an agreement with the five houses called the Stormreach Compact. In it, power over the city was split between the five families: the Amanatus, the Lassites, the Omarens, the Sel Shadras, and the Wylkeses.


Although the Storm Lords hold authority over Stormreach, other nations and the dragonmarked houses have consulates and enclaves there. The Five Nations acknowledge Stormreach, but none claim it as their own. Instead, they simply maintain business relationships with the Storm Lords while hoping to turn a profit on all that Xen'drik has to offer.

The dragonmarked houses, particularly House Lyrandar, House Kundarak, House Deneith, and House Tharashk, have great sway in the city, and the Storm Lords go to great lengths to make sure their presence remains.

Notable Locations[]

  • Marketplace
  • Circle of Visions
  • Delera's Watch
  • Molou's Distillery
  • Stormreach Recruiters
  • Surrinek Riverboats
  • The Tents of Rusheme
  • Underharbor

Notable Organizations[]


  • The Pestle: alchemical supplies
  • Black Iron: antiquities, weapons, armor
  • Von Ruthvek's Splendors of the South: antiquities, magic items
  • Citadel of the Twelve: arcane spellcasting, magic items
  • Far Davandi: clothing
  • House Jorasco Enclave: divine spellcasting, healing
  • Tooth and Nail: exotic beasts
  • Big Bronau's Boat: entertainment
  • The Chapterhouse: entertainment, food, shelter
  • The Red Ring: entertainment
  • Shadows: entertainment
  • Forgotten Places: expedition gear
  • Havulak Prospecting: expedition gear
  • The Thrifty Traveler: expedition gear
  • The Black Wrack: food, shelter
  • The Ship's Cat: food, shelter
  • House Tharashk Enclave: inquisitives
  • Stormreach Forge: weapons, armor




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