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Storm Front is a secret cult within House Lyrandar that focuses on the Devourer as the source of Lyrandar's power.[1][2][3]


The cult holds that it is the Devourer who grants the powers of the Mark of Storm, rather than the Sovereign Host deities Arawai and Kol Korran as is conventionally maintained.[1][2][3]

Moreover, adherents believe that the mightiest dragonmarked members of the house, beginning with the Firstborn and founders, Lyran and Selavash, either never died or lived on after passing and survive in the form of immortal krakens.[1][3] Furthermore, they maintain that any heir of House Lyrandar may achieve the same state. It is said these kraken lords still dwell in the ocean depths and that they guide Storm Front through visions and dreams[1] to aid their descendants in seizing true dominance over the seas, skies, and lands.[1][3] At this time, the kraken lords will rise from the deeps to guarantee their victory.[3]

They believe that the Mark of Storm is meant to be used destructively and that the Khoravar should take power via force, rather than wait to claim it.[1] They desire nothing less than the conquest of Khorvaire in the name of House Lyrandar.[2]


They use combat techniques that strike with the force of lightning and thunder and that grant them swift mobility.[3]


Cultists don leather armor and wield rapiers and wands.[3]

Rumors & Legends[]

The cult is only a rumor to outsiders. However, the darkest rumors claim Storm Front is the true leader of House Lyrandar, with Baron Esravash d'Lyrandar no more than a figurehead or a dupe. It's theorized that Storm Front has secret enclaves all along the coast of Khorvaire, as far as Tlalusk Island beyond the Demon Wastes. They are reputed to practice weather control, blackmail and extortion, piracy, and murder to further their ends.[1] They might even try to destroy Lyrandar's own elemental airships for some reason.[4]

Lord Calynden d'Lyrandar, the leader of the Stormreach enclave, is rumored to be a leader of Storm Front.[2]