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Stern handler's wraps are magical gloves and dragonshard items that aid in the handling of animals.[1]


Although they appear plain at a glance, these hand-wraps are set with small dragonshards and glow faintly.[1]


These gloves cause animals to shy away from their wearer, thus cowering stubborn and even raging beasts, to a degree according to the strength of the specific set of gloves. In this way, they aid in animal handling. A bearer of the Mark of Handling receives even greater benefit.[1]

Moreover, once a day, if the wearer is injured in attack, the attacker is flung back up to 15 feet (4.6 meters).[1]


A basic set of stern handler's wraps costs 840 gp, a moderately powerful set 21,000 gp, and the most advanced set 525,000 gp.[1]


In the late 800s YK, Perr Hanton, a gifted but cruel magebreeder and early member of the Feral Heart conspiracy within House Vadalis, made various magical items to aid them in controlling their monstrous creations, including the stern handler's wraps. The Feral Heart purchased, traded, and even stole large numbers of dragonshards to make countless sets of stern handler's wraps. But Perr was himself slain by one of his own creatures when it escaped. It marauded around the wilderness for some years until regular members of House Vadalis found it and put it down.[1]



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