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Steel krakens are mighty squid-like constructs found in the seas south of Khorvaire. They were created by House Cannith for use in the Last War to patrol Cyre's coastline, though they have since spread further.[1]


The brainchild of the Merrix d'Cannith, the huge and elaborate steel krakens were crafted in the same creation forges used to build the warforged titans.[1][2] House Cannith sold these steel krakens to their home nation, Cyre, which used them to defend their southern coast around the appropriately named Kraken Bay. They patrolled an area of 5​ to ​10 miles (8​ to ​16 kilometers) from shore and hindered Cyre's enemies from making landings and naval attacks.[1]

Following the Day of Mourning and the destruction of Cyre in 994 YK, the steel krakens abandoned their duties and spread along Khorvaire's southern coastline.[1]


A steel kraken appears similar to its natural counterpart, though with a casing made of composite materials composed of steel, iron, and wood. It has a body 15 feet (4.6 meters) in length and a ten articulated steel tentacles: two 40‑foot-long (12‑meter) tentacles, and eight 20‑foot-long (6.1‑meter) ones, similar to a real squid. In total, a standard specimen weighs approximately 6,000 pounds (2,700 kilograms)[1]


Steel krakens have rudimentary intelligence, being smarter than a basic construct but still little more than an animal's. They can understand commands, but cannot speak. They are guided by the instincts instilled in them at the time of their creation. However, as their designs incorporate early schema for living constructs, steel krakens are capable of adapting to changing conditions, leading many to ignore the orders given them by a nation that no longer exists. For example, while they were ordered not to attack ships flying Cyran colors, after the war some seem to have forgotten or ignored this.[1]


As constructs, steel krakens are immune to magics and psionics and natural effects that affect the mind or living body, and to diseases and poisons. They are equipped with both low-light vision and darkvision, and are resistant to damage from acid, cold, electricity, fire, and sonic effects. They are extremely resistant to damage, requiring adamantine weapons to effectively damage them.[1]


Only the two 40‑foot (12‑meter) tentacles are used to attack, while the other 20‑foot (6.1‑meter) ones are used to aid in grappling small ships or large sea creatures. With these, a steel kraken can grapple one target and remain combat-effective against others. The attacking tentacles allow it to strike precisely behind and around obstacles. They can easily grab targets and subsequently begin crushing them with their smaller tentacles.[1]

They can devastating charges at targets, but can also rapidly retreat by jetting backwards, much like a real kraken.[1]