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Starilaskur is a large Brelish city in northern Breland.[1]


Starilaskur is situated east of Lake Brey and north of the Seawall Mountains.[1]

It is a major lightning rail stop, joining the line from Zilargo, as well as being one of the final stops before Thrane and the Mournland. The city also lies at the juxtaposition of several Orien trade roads.[1]


On 15 Therendor, 916 YK, the city, in the hands of the Brelish, was attacked by a major Thrane assault. This was despite the fact that the assault occurred on the holiday known as Sun's Blessing, traditionally a day of peace where even armies cease fighting. As a result, many Brelish consider the attack to have been deeply dishonorable.[2]

An agent of the Order of the Emerald Claw was killed in Starilaskur; the Order blamed Degen Korr, a Cyran avenger.[3]




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