Sora Maenya is the iron fist of the Daughters of Sora Kell, who rule over the nation of Droaam. Her strength is legendary, and tales speak of her endless appetite for flesh and souls. In her true form, she is a massive hag with deep blue skin and steely claws and teeth. Sora Maenya imprisons foes she kills, binding each victim's soul into its corpse's skull and hoarding it. Until a soul has been rescued from this captivity, it cannot be raised from the dead.

Before her alliance with her sisters, she terrorized the Eldeen Reaches. The opportunity for bigger, better and more meaningful fights was the main reason she agreed to Teraza's proposal.

Despite her brute strength, Sora Maenya is not incapable of using the natural guile and slyness of hagkind to her advantage. In one story, she poses as a Brelish woman seeking refugee at a nearby outpost in the wake of a supposed troll attack upon her village. Once allowed inside the camp, she used the disguise to easily corner and eat the soldiers posted there one by one. One of the scouts sent out to check in on the settlers survived, after being forced to kill the second scout when he was driven mad by the sight of the bones of the villagers and soldiers both, picked clean but missing the skulls...[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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