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Sora Katra is one of the three Daughters of Sora Kell, the hag sisters and rulers of the nation of Droaam. Sora Katra is a brilliant deceiver and orator, considered by many to be the voice of Droaam. The common folk of the land fear Sora Maenya and her trolls, but most truly love Sora Katra. She is a consummate shapeshifter and is rarely seen in her green-skinned hag form.[citation needed]

We live in a world filled with illusions, a world of changelings and hidden fiends. I myself have worn a thousand faces and more, for each story calls for something new. We have long known each other, yet this is the first time that we truly meet, and I wish you to see who I am.
— Sora Katra[3]

There are literally hundreds of stories about Sora Katra, and many of them initially seem like victories for her foes until the very end of the story, when their victory suddenly turns to ash in their mouthes and they are revealed to have danced to her tune all along. She enjoys getting heroes involved in her schemes, but her gifts are not always what they seem. Out of the three sisters, she is the most skilled in the art of curses, which legends say she weaves on her loom. Before her alliance with her two sisters, she haunted the Shadow Marches for generations. When Sora Teraza first proposed the plan to her, she is said to have seen it as an interesting mental challenge.[citation needed]

"Mistress of the Mires", "Lord Koltan's Doom", and "the Spinner of Gold and Lies" are but a select few of the titles she's earned over the long years.[4]

As the heart and soul of the nation, she is the only truly indispensable member of the coven; without Sora Maenya or Sora Teraza, Drooam's continued existence would be in peril, but without Sora Katra its fall would be inevitable.[citation needed]

Spoiler warning: Secret Plot Hook Spoiler

At any given time, Sora Katra has dozens of little plots underway all over Khorvaire, staying in contact with her mercenaries abroad. Most of these are meant merely to keep her mind sharp, but recently she has begun forming a criminal organization in Breland, called the Monster's Eye, which has been running roughshod over the competition by using the monstrous powers of its members. Her involvement is kept secret for now to avoid diplomatic repercussions.[citation needed]

End of spoiler.



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