Soneste Otänsin is a human inquisitive in Sharn, Breland.[1]


She was originally of Starilaskur, with her father and mother both serving in the Brelish military. She now works at Investigative Services, the inquisitive agency of the half-orc Thuranne d'Velderan, in Middle Menthis in Sharn.[1]

She has resolved several high profile criminal cases and is a person of growing fame among inquisitives in Sharn. Among her more famous cases are the Blackfeather case, in which she discovered the aristocrat serial killer, Aldem ir'Shorem, among Breland's nobility and Sharn's Sixty Families, and the Shauranna Rokesko kidnapping, in which the Brelish royal aide was kidnapped by Emerald Claw agents.[1]

She later investigated the murder of the Brelish ambassador, Gamnon ir'Daresh, and his family in Korth, the capital of Karrnath.[1]


She has several psionic abilities, taught to her by the kalashtar Veshtalan, which she uses to aid her investigations.[1]




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