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Son of Khyber is an Eberron novel and the second installment in the Thorn of Breland series and is set after the events of The Queen of Stone. The novel features characters from the Eberron canon. It was written by Eberron's creator Keith Baker and was illustrated by Wayne Reynolds. The novel was published by Wizards of the Coast in 2009

Out of sight of the Twelve Dragonmarked Houses, a thirteenth house operates in the dark lower levels of Sharn. A new leader has arisen from the ranks of the aberrant dragonmarks, a man who calls himself the Son of Khyber.

Thorn is sent to infiltrate the group, before he incites House Tarkanan to revolt against the Twelve.

But is she lying to the Tarkanans, or are the strange powers she's manifesting the signs of an aberrant dragonmark? The answers may lie with her mysterious adversary.

Notable Characters[]

Minor Characters[]

  • Brom: A dwarf member of Tarkanan with a unique power
  • Dreck: A warforged member of House Tarkanan
  • Grogan: An ogre thug
  • Koyna: A member of Tarkanan with the power to manifest one's worst fears
  • Merrix d'Cannith
  • Palmer: A human member of Tarkanan
  • Scrapper: A dwarf member of Tarkanan, formerly of House Kundarak
  • Shrew: A halfling member of Tarkanan
  • Sorghan d'Deneith: A sentinel marshal from Karrnath
  • Vorlintar: A fallen angel titled the Keeper of Hopes
  • Vyrael: An angel also known as the Ashen Sword
  • Whisper: An elvish member of Tarkanan
  • Zae: A halfling Tarkanan member who is Fileon's granddaughter

Plot Synopsis[]

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