Skulks are a kind of humanoid that innately blend into their surroundings and menace humans.[3] They are found in Sarlona.[4]

History Edit

Skulks are believed to be the result of a dark pact by underprivileged members of society within a lost empire.[3][4]

A powerful warlord of Ohr Kaluun is said to have invoked a ritual in the name of the Dark Six that transformed desperate members of the populace into the first skulks.[4]

Appearance & Personality Edit

Skulks have a strong sense of individual self-preservation at the sign of mortal danger.[3]

Skulks are usually evil and cruel, as a result of their cultural devotion to the gods of the Dark Six and the forces they embody. They enjoy killing Riedrans, and each other if none are present.[4]

Abilities Edit

Skulks are exceptionally skilled at camouflage and can evade magical detection.[3]

Society Edit

Groups of skulks are called coteries, and usually live near human communities to better prey on members of the populace. Skulks enjoy violent retribution against the wealthy and powerful among these communities.[3]

The skulks believe themselves to be favored by the Sovereigns of the Dark Six. They have not been able to establish large communities as a result of their paranoia and distrust for others.[4]

Many skulks are affiliated with the Heirs of Ohr Kaluun.[4]

Lands Edit

Skulks exist all across Sarlona, but mainly can be found in their birth place of Ohr Kaluun in Riedra.[4]


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