Sigilstar, called the "crossroads of Thrane", is named after Eberron's pole star, because the rest of Thrane is centered on the small city as the skies of Eberron are centered on that star. It sits astride the Lightning Rail line between Aruldusk and Flamekeep, and on the Orien trade road between the southern and northern parts of the nation of Thrane. Its position on the northern bank of the Thrane River allows it access via waterway to Scion's Sound as well. The city is the primary transfer point for cargo that is switching modes of transport between land, water and rail.


The city is notable, at least among Thranes and architects, for its impressive examples of Flamic architecture. Many of the spires of the city are capped with crystal spires that glow with the captured light of the sun, creating a beautiful nighttime illumination across the city.

Arcane MagicEdit

Sigilans are more likely than other Thranes to practice the arcane arts and the city is a center of magical study for the nation.


Sigilstar is known for its teas, and Sigilans are known for going to the teahouses that can be found throughout the city, and where patrons can freely discuss anything, even politics and religion in ways that are practically unknown in the rest of Thrane.

Lightning RailEdit

Destination Distance Travel Time 1st Class (5 sp/mi) Standard (2 sp/mi) Steerage (3 cp/mi)
Flamekeep 300 miles 10h 150 gp 60 gp 9 gp
Aruldusk 166 miles 5h, 32m 83 gp 33 gp, 2 sp 4 gp, 9 sp, 8 cp
Vathirond 428 miles 15h, 16m 214 gp 85 gp, 6 sp 12 gp, 8 sp, 4 cp
Starilaskur 715 miles 25h, 50m 357 gp, 5 sp 143 gp 21 gp, 4 sp, 5 cp
Sharn 2127 miles 73h, 54m 1063 gp, 5 sp 425 gp, 4 sp 63 gp, 8sp, 1 cp
  • Note: travel times include 1 hour lay over at each station, and are based on speed of 30 miles per hour.
  • Note: distances based on map at [1].
  • Note: times and distances may vary from charts found on pp. 20-21 of the Explorer's Handbook.


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