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Shugenja are divine spellcasters with a close tie to one particular element.[1]


They are spontaneous spellcasters and are able to sense their favored element with greater accuracy as they grow in power. Shugenja usually choose one of the four "classic" elements in which to focus their training and are prohibited from casting spells of the opposing element (i.e., fire vs. water and air vs. earth).[1]


Shugenja form a relatively new religious order known collectively as the Path of the Elemental Master, which worships the dragons of Argonnessen instead the traditional Sovereign Host. These shugenja revere dragons on a near-divine level and attempt to reach divinity themselves through imitation of their draconic patrons. This movement is not to be mistaken with the totemic worship found amongst the Seren barbarians, though some shugenja do live with the savage humans and attempt to convert them to their way of thinking.[2]

The order is divided into eight distinct orders, each one focusing on a specific element (air, earth, fire, or water) and with its own type of dragon as its symbol and focus for its ideals. The orders are shown below:[2]



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