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A shroud resonator is a psionic device that powers the Shroud, a magical field that covers and protects Adar from scrying and teleportation. There are eight shroud resonators, each one heavily defended in the eight monastery fortresses across Adar.[1][3]


A shroud resonator resembles a violet crystal standing about 6 feet tall. At full charge, it emits a humming noise and emits a glowing light. When it has less than a minute of power remaining, its light begins to flash.[1][3]


The shroud resonators together create an energy field known as the Shroud that blankets Adar. The Shroud prevents any sort of teleportation within the region, and also hampers divination magic such as scrying from working in the region. If one of the shroud resonators loses power or is destroyed, the Shroud would weaken and if more than 2 resonators are no longer functioning the Shroud would fail completely.[1][3]

The shroud resonators require expenditure of psionic power on an hourly basis to stay activated. Creatures who expend psionic power to activate the shroud resonator can also use the resonator as a scrying device. The shroud resonator's own scrying ability is not blocked by the Shroud.[1][2]


The idea of building shroud resonators to protect Adar first came to the kalashtar of Taratai's lineage in a vision in 701 Age of Taratai (-100 YK). Building the shroud resonators took over a year, during which time many of Taratai's lineage died defending Kasshta Keep from the invading armies of Riedra. In early 703 Age of Taratai, the shroud resonators were placed in the seven standing monasteries of Adar, with the eighth being placed in a dromite cavern that would eventually become Malshashar Monastery. The shroud resonators were activated by the remaining kalashtar of Taratai's lineage, who disappeared into silver light, sacrificing their lineage to keep Adar safe.[4]

Notable Locations[]

Each one of the eight hidden monasteries in Adar keeps a shroud resonator. They are in heavily guarded chambers deep within the monasteries.[1][3]

Monasteries of Adar
Dvaarnava · Ghoza · Haztaratain Monastery · Kasshta Keep · Malshashar · Ruukosi · Shalquar · Tashalatora


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