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A suit of shiftweave clothing is a magical outfit that can transform into a number of different outfits.[1][3]


During its making, transmutation magic is woven into the threads of the cloth via the alter self, allowing up to five outfits of different designs and appearances to be "embedded" within it. These are set on creation, and new ones cannot be incorporated later.[1] Shiftweave can also be made using psionics.[2]


Shiftweave clothing resembles normal clothes of any kind, but actually contains up to five different-looking outfits. A suit weighs 5 pounds (2.3 kilograms).[1][3]


At a user's command, the shiftweave clothing can transform between the outfits it contains. However, shiftweave doesn't have the ability to conceal armor or other magical items of clothing.[1][3] It can mimic, but not replicate, other kinds of magical clothing.[3] However, it can include darkweave.[1]


Shiftweave is popular with the upper classes, who wear it to avoid being caught wearing the same clothes as someone else at a gala. However, depending on what outfits it includes, it can aid anyone in adapting to different social situations, and can make for a quick and useful disguise. Thus, it is also a popular tool of assassins and spies.[1] The changeling masquers of the Thousand Eyes, the secret police of Riedra, commonly wear psionic shiftweave.[2]


A suit of shiftweave clothing costs 500 gp.[1]



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