This article is about the undead creature. For the god of the Dark Six, see The Shadow. For the brothel in the city of Stormreach, see Shadows.

Shadows are incorporeal undead that were once alive, but now hate those that live with a burning passion. They skulk around the shadows, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting victims.[1]

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Shadows are floating humanoid-shaped entities comprised of entire darkness. They can be hard to find in dark, gloomy corners, but become obvious in bright environments.

Shadows hate life and light, and seek to devout both. They lie in ambush for prey, but are quick to strike when they decide to.[1]


Shadows are comprised of un-life, possibly from the plane of Mabar. They are incorporeal, and attacks tend to pass right through them. Their touch drains the strength of their foes, and any humanoid that dies by their touch becomes a shadow as well. They possess darkvision, as well as other traits common to all undead.[1]

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