The Seven Caves, as they're called by Dhakaani and Marguul clans, are a cave network within Pargon's Peak, one of the tallest mountains in the northern Seawall Mountains. They are reputed to hold a piece of the draconic Prophecy.[1]

They comprise seven great vaults, strangely shaped and seemingly excavated using magic from the very rock of the mountain. Entrance to the First Chamber is via a cave opening high on Pargon's Peak, while the Seventh Chamber is deep underground. Each cavern an awesome sight, with glowing dragonmarks swirling over the walls, roof, and floor. Supposedly, each cavern displays a different set of omens and portents in the Prophecy.[1]

However, the Seven Caves are inhabited by wyvern colonies, who nest and raise young here, making entrance hazardous. Hence, only a few brave goblinoids of Darguun have come here to study the chambers.[1]



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