The Seren Tribes are the inhabitants of Seren Islands. There are about thirty tribes in all, and each tribe worships a different draconic patron. If their legends are to be believed, the Seren Tribes are the result of ancient covenants with these draconic patrons: usually to defend the lands of Argonnessen from the weak and unworthy.

Known Tribes[edit | edit source]

  • Bringers of Fire: Their warpaint is red, and they make use of flaming oil. They will even exterminate other Seren Tribes if they find them unworthy. Their patron was a CE red dragon.
  • White Wanderers: A highly magical and literate tribe who protects many shrines. Their patron was a TN white dragon.
  • Stormwalkers: A small, monastic tribe. Their patron was a LE blue dragon.
  • Frostblades: A noble group that protects weaker tribes from the Bringers of Fire, using their alchemist's frost. Their patron was a LG white dragon.

The Totem Guardians[edit | edit source]

The Totem Guardians are made of the strongest members of all the tribes, and are directly responsible for protecting the Totem Beach and Great Barrier of Argonnessen. They are chosen either by dragonspeakers as a result of dream-visions or directly by the dragons of Argonnessen.

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