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There's an old saying in Stormreach: "Great power rests in the ruins of the past." The shattered cities and vast dungeons of Xen'drik hold the secrets of countless fallen empires. Legends speak of titanic landmarks, sunken treasure vaults, and forgotten places suffused with powerful magic. Beyond the walls of Stormreach, an entire continent waits to be rediscovered. But beware! Terrible monsters rule Xen'drik now, and explorers searching for gold and glory often find death instead.

Secrets of Xen'drik explores the ruined continent of Xen'drik. Rife with adventure and ancient ruins the continent lying south of Khorvaire is an adventurer's haven. The book details the cosmopolitan center Stormreach as well as a plethora of adventure locations throughout the continent. More information about the drow as well as adventure seeds and encounters ready to be dropped into any campaign. Also present are the ubiquitous equipment, spells, magic items, monsters and prestige classes found on the lost continent.

Table of Contents[]

  • Welcome to Xen'Drik
  • Adventure Sites
  • Encounters
    • Drow Beyond the Scorpion
    • Forgotten Civilizations
    • A Legacy of Doom
    • Xen'Drik Encounters
    • New Monsters
    • Encounter Traps
  • Adventures in Xen'Drik
    • Using Adventure Frameworks
  • Xen'Drik Unveiled
    • Prestige Classes
    • Feats
    • Equipment
    • Magical and Psionic Locations
    • Artifact Spells
    • New Magic Items
    • Warforged Components
    • New Artifacts
    • Artifact Components

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