The Scout Edit

Scouts combine stealth, speed and fighting prowess in deadly combination metting out damage to a foe and then disappearing into the shadows before his opponent knows what hit him. Scouts resemble rangers in a number of ways but are less focused on environmental abilities and concerns, choosing to delve even more into stealth and combat. A scout is able to play many roles within a single group and some scouts specialize in specific fields from silent theif to wilderness guides.

Scouts in Eberron Edit

Just as rangers were employed and trained in the Last War, so too were scouts who would disrupt and ambush enemy forces. Tasked with such varied missions as infiltration, ambush, cutting supply lines and gauging enemy numbers scouts played an important and versatile role on the war. While all nations made use of at least some scouts Aundair is particularly noted for its diciplined and successful scouts, the famous Valiant scouts of Tower Valiant being the most well known.

Most scouts were recruited into the army from rural areas and some have returned to a more peaceful, pastorial life. Others, too shocked by the horrors of war to return to the life they once knew, have become criminals and spies working in dark city alleys as well as moon-lit forests. Still others ply their trade at adventuring, keeping their companions safe from danger and metting out deadly force when they need to.

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