Scott Fitzgerald Gray is a writer and product editor for Wizards of the Coast and third party d20 RPG products.

Co-Authored WorksEdit

Keith Baker, Scott Fitzgerald Gray, Nicolas Logue, and Amber Scott (2007). Wizards of the CoastISBN 0-7869-4154-5.

Keith Baker, Scott Fitzgerald Gray, Glenn McDonald, and Chris Sims (2007). Wizards of the CoastISBN 978-0-7869-4037-0.

Editing/Proofreading WorkEdit

David Noonan, Rich Burlew, and Frank Brunner (2005). Wizards of the CoastISBN 0-7869-3691-6.

Jesse Decker, Matthew Sernett, Gwendolyn F.M. Kestrel, and Keith Baker (2005). Wizards of the CoastISBN 0-7869-3658-4.

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