Scorrows are aberrations that resemble a cross between a drow and the body of a large scorpion from the waist down. Scorrow however, are not simply transformed drow, and consider themselves to be a true-breeding race.

Description Edit

Scorrow have the torso of a drow and the lower body of a scorpion. They are some of the most fearsome creatures of Xen'drik. They often will choose to hunt prey based on difficulty involved in the hunt. The prefer very challenging creatures and will follow a very long trail just because they love a difficult hunt. For this reason, they can be found anywhere in Xen'drik.[1]

Scorrows are large aberrations and on average weigh 2,300 pounds and stand at seven feet tall, though their tails are at least a few feet higher.

Personality Edit

Scorrows typcially hate other races and tend to be chaotic evil. However, since they don't interact with many other scorrows (outside of their pack) they don't have a unified culture. But normally they have such a disdain for weakness that they will leave behind their young to fend for themselves, if they do not develop fast enough.

Scorrow count themselves as a separate and distinct species from the drow.

Scorrow can be solitary or they may be with a colony of as many as five, while having up to four large scorpions as pets.

Combat Edit

Typically, scorrows will use a boomerang to initiate an attack against adventurers and will then finish the conflict with hand to hand combat.

Society Edit

Scorrow believe themselves to be descended from a tribe of drow so skilled in hunting and the slaying of giants that they were transformed by the painful sting of a great scorpion sent to them by Vulkoor. Their true origins are obscure in the modern age.[1]

Scorrow typically follow the god Vulkoor, and believe themselves especially blessed by him.[1]

References Edit

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