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Scions Sound is a five-fingered body of water that digs deep into Khorvaire from the Bitter Sea, dividing Aundair and Thrane from Karrnath. The Sound is brackish and the fingers each have varying currents depending on the elevation, some flowing into the middle of the sound, some flowing out into Khorvaire into the Thrane River, Karrn River and Cyre River. The sound itself flows south from the Bitter Sea. An island in the center of the sound is the location of Thronehold, at one point the capital of Galifar. The great White Arch Bridge spanned Scions Sound from Thaliost to Rekkenmark, until its destruction in 899 YK during the Last War in a great magical conflagration. The bridge remains unrepaired to this day.

Scions Sound is a busy waterway as it connects three of the Five Nations as well as Thronehold. Trade barges and House Lyrandar airships are ever present in the sound. There are also a number of river pirates that traverse the sound looting merchant trade ships. They were especially brazen during the Last War as no country had the resources to deal with them. Now that the war has ended more efforts are being made to ferret them out and bring them to justice, though each of the three nations that have been assailed by the pirates has a different definition of what justice really is.

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