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Sarssaka was a powerful rakshasa sorcerer who worked for the Lords of Dust.[1]

Surrender and I promise you a swift death.
— Sarssaka, shortly before his defeat[1]


Some time after the Last War, the Lords of Dust discovered the resting place of the fire giant Adaxus and so sent Sarssaka from the Demon Wastes to Xen'drik in order to free Adaxus and bring both him and his crown of winter flame back to Khorvaire. Sarssaka gathered a group consisting of an ettin, several hobgoblins, and chain devils to accomplish this task, working alongside a second group led by Quag.[1]

Although Quag's group would ultimately be defeated by a group of adventurers, Sarssaka and his minions successfully found Adaxus's resting place and started to work on breaking the seals of his magma prison. These same adventurers would find Sarssaka's group just as they were completing this task and, though Sarssaka's group attempted to kill these intruders, the adventurers would succeed in defeating the group—but not before their task was complete and Adaxus was freed.[1]



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