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High Prince Ryger ir'Wynarn is the leader and prince of the Seadragons of the Lhazaar Principalities.[1]


Ryger is the high prince of the other princes of the region; the title gives little additional clout, but he is considered to be first among equals. However, he did represent the Principalities at the Treaty of Thronehold. He has ruled the Seadragon Principality with a port of call at Regalport for fifteen years. Throughout that time, he has claimed to be of the blood-line of the Galifar kings, though it is unknown if there is any truth to his claim.[1]


Ryger has in his possession a map of the haunted island of Trebaz Sinara.[citation needed]


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The High Prince's first name is spelled in the sourcebooks as "Ryger", but is instead spelled "Rygar" in the Dragonshards web article on the Lhazaar Principalities as well as a few other places. This wiki has gone with Ryger as all the most authoritative sources agree on that spelling.