Rhesh Turakbar is a minotaur warlord of Droaam whose presence is tolerated by the Daughters of Sora Kell, though they are not strong allies. He files his teeth to jagged points to better resemble Baphomet (the Horned King) and that overlord’s favored servants, the goristros. He rules out of the keep Turakbar's Fist, located on the plains north of Graywall, in the Droaam-Breland borderlands. His followers go on frequent raids into Breland, bringing back plunder, slaves and blood sacrifices to their dark master, who is said to have blessed them with demonic gifts. These raids provide the hags of Droaam with useful information concerning Breland's defenses and keep the fear of a full Droaam assault high, which are the main reasons the Daughters have tolerated Rhesh despite his occasional raids into the Droaam interior.

His followers include gnolls who have abandoned the Znir Pact, harpies, minotaurs, orcs of the Blood Eye tribe, ogres and demons.