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Red ache is a disease that causes the skin to become inflamed and the body to become weakened.[1]


The disease can be acquired after sustaining an injury from an infected creature.[1] It can potentially also be contracted from injuries received from rusty metal.[2]

One subspecies of needletooth dinosaur found in northern Xen'drik is a carrier of the disease.[3]

It can be inflicted via the contagion, and contagious touch spells.[4][5]


Red ache is a corruption of the blood[6] that causes the infected's skin to become swollen, red, and hot. It subsequently leads to a steady loss of physical strength, possibly leading to death if not treated.[1] Even post-mortem, the effects of red ache prevent the skin from decaying properly, with it remaining red, warm, and swollen. A deceased can still appear alive on casual inspection, even if infested with maggots within.[7]


Red ache is treatable and ultimately curable, especially with the help of a talented healer.[8]

Prolonged exposure to red ache can eventually allow an individual to develop an immunity to it.[9]


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