The Realm Below was a vast subterranean dwarven kingdom beneath the Ironroot Mountains[3], below what is now modern Mror Holds by the dwarves' ancestors. Long ago, the kingdom fell to the daelkyr forces of Dyrrn the Corruptor and his minions, which still roam the halls of the Realm Below.[1]

The Mror re-discovered the place during the early days of the Last War, overran with aberrations and full of strange symbionts.

This event has caused much divide among the clans of the Mror Holds, with some rejecting the symbionts and their daelkyr magic (such as Clan Mronanon), and with others fully embracing or at least being willing to experiment with them (such as Clan Soldorak).[1]

The Realm Below (or Sol Udar) is described as being far more advanced than any modern nation on Khorvaire, filled with magnificent magical treasures and crafts, yet also overran with daelkyr horrors and grotesque symbionts.

The Mror are now locked in a stalemate against the forces of Dyrrn (a war they call Dol Udar, the War Below), which will not pursue them beyond the borders of the Realm Below.

The twelve clans of the Mror Holds fall on a spectrum in terms of their stance on the symbionts found in Sol Udar - some vehemently reject and destroy them, others are ambivalent, yet others are curious and willing to experiment, and some still fully embrace them and have no qualms about using them.[2]

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While there were mentions of an ancient underground kingdom of dwarves in the "Dwarves of the Mror Holds" Dragonshard articles, and symbiont magic items date back to the original Eberron Campaign Setting supplement, it was not until Rising of the Last War established the Realm Below as both a significant element of Mrorian history, as well as a central source of conflict among the modern-day clans.

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