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The Rage of War is an Overlord of the fury of war from the Age of Demons.[3][4][5]


Rak Tulkhesh, the Rage of War is one of the Overlords who ruled over all of Eberron during the Age of Demons. Rak Tulkhesh was bound by the dragons and couatl after they jointly discovered the Draconic Prophecy, and the couatl sacrificed themselves to form the Silver Flame.[3][4][5]

Rak Tulkhesh's essence is divided among many Khyber dragonshards, from which he can exert his influence. One of these shards is contained in a ring carried by Mordakhesh, and another is below the city of Thaliost.[5]

Description & Personality[]

Rak Tulkhesh typically takes the form of a vaguely draconic creature twisted by demonic rage. Covered in iron spikes portruding from his bleeding flesh, he looms fifteen feet high at the shoulders, and his wings span over forty feet. In battle, Rak Tulkhesh roars in rage as new weapons are spawned from his body. 

As with all Overlords, Rak Tulkhesh has no true fixed form, and can assume any shape of his choosing between Fine and Colossal size.[3]

Sakinnirot, the Scar that Abides considers Rak Tulkhesh a brutal idiot and its primary foe among the Overlords.[6]


Rak Tulkhesh has Destruction and War as his domains, and his powers related to these themes.[3] Rak Tulkhesh has influence over the immediate area around the shards holding the fragments of his essence.[5]

Though he is truly bound by the power of the Silver Flame and only dimly conscious of the world, he can still observe standing ruins from the Age of Demons, his chosen servants among the rakshasa, as well as any location where his name or title is spoken for a short time.[3]



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