The Quori are evil outsiders from the Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams. Forty thousand years ago they succeeded in opening up the gates between Dal Quor and Eberron and nearly overran the world. It was only through the intervention of dragons who provided arcane technologies to the giants of Xen'Drik that the plane of Dal Quor was shunted away from its rotation so that it could never again become coterminous with the material plane.

The quori are no longer completely cut off from Eberron. Starting about 1,800 years ago (-802 YK) a rebel group of 67 quori fled Dal Quor and were able to permanently enter the bodies of willing hosts on Eberron. These human/quori mergings became the race known as Kalashtar.

Three centuries later, other members of the quori who had darker plans began to invade the dreams of the people of the twelve nations of Sarlona. They manipulated people to bring about wars, instability, and to direct the breeding of certain beings. After another two hundred years they had perfected special vessels that they could enter despite their home-plane's remoteness. Part elf, part fiend, and mostly human, these so-called "empty vessels" could then be inhabited and controlled at will by quori hosts, becoming the Inspired. Under this guise they strive to reopen the portals to Dal Quor under the auspices of an organization known as the Dreaming Dark.

While the Inspired were initially created to provide willing hosts that would temporarily accept the quori spirits, the building of hanbalani altas (ovoid monoliths) seems to have allowed quori to occupy any willing host.

There are different types of quori and different Inspired bred to house them. The known quori types are as

Quori 2

Two heroes flee from two pursuing Quori


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