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Q'barra is a dangerous frontier nation in Khorvaire recognized by the Treaty of Thronehold. Originally founded by Duke Ven ir'Kesslan of Cyre, the few human settlements continue to struggle against tribes of lizardfolk, Valenar warbands, Lhazaar raiders, and kobold marauders from the Endworld Mountains, not to mention disease-riddled swamp lands and dire and horrid lizards and dinosaurs. Q'barra is a land for the brave and the tenacious.


Lying on the eastern front of the Endworld Mountains and the long expanse of the Dragonreach, it is easy to see why Q'barra remained untouched by civilized settlements for so long. The steamy jungles and sprawling swamplands that encompass most of the landscape are a perfect habitat for dire and horrid animals, as well as dinosaurs. The small shard of land is not completely inhospitable, however, as a small strip of fertile land lies in the southeast and other open expanses peel away from the jungle in places around the country.

Notable Geographic Features[]


Among the civilized races, there are three distinct communities in the Adder Valley of Q'barra. New Galifar, the last shattered bastion of the old empire, shares the space with Cyran and Last War refugees. The New Galifarans are ruled by King Sebastes ir'Kesslan from the city of Newthrone with the help of a handful of noble lords. Refugees of the Last War have found themselves in a region known as Hope located in the southwest of Q'barra. Here, Elder Nevillom, a veteran of the Last War, acts as nominal leader over the community of refugees. Wyrmwatch is the most established city of this area, having existed for about three years. Finally Cyran refugees carve out existence in both of these communities.

There is a large contingent of lizardfolk tribes spread across Q'barra. The blackscale lizardfolk are hostile to the common races in Q'barra and bully the other lizardfolk tribes of the nation. They reside in the jungles around Haka'torvhak and are devoted to the black dragon Rhashaak. The Poison Dusk lizardfolk are spread throughout the northern regions of Q'barra and also revere Rhashaak, however their relationship with the Blackscales is more a humbled respect to the chosen warriors. Lastly, the Cold Sun tribes are a coalition of 24 lizardfolk tribes that live in the north and east of the nation. Only seven of these tribes have territories that border the human settlements. Their relationship with the incoming races varies from tribe to tribe, with some embracing the settlements and others living in fear of them. The Cold Sun tribes have an intense hatred for the Blackscale lizardfolk, but are wary of going to war with them, but the Lords of Dust are attempting to fan these hostilities into flame.

Power Groups[]


The Age of Goblins[]

During the time of the Dhakaani Empire, the lizardfolk resided on the Talenta Plains. But the goblins drove the lizardfolk across the Endworld Mountains and into the unnamed, uninhabited area of Q'barra. The lizardfolk begin to live in the Basura Swamp region, sticking closely to the Torva River. Some scholars believe that these were members of what are now the Cold Sun Tribes and that both the Poison Dusk and Blackscale lizardfolk had their origins in Xen'drik. This could explain the deep-seated hostilities between these two sects of the same race, as well as their physical differences.

Under Galifar[]

During the Kingdom of Galifar, the region called Q'barra by the Lhazaar princes was mostly ignored. With it seen as an inhospitable territory dominated by lizardfolk and without any desirable resources, many were content to leave Q'barra alone. During this time, the lizardfolk tribes spread across Q'barra and established their tenuous peace after many long decades of guerilla fighting.

The Last War[]

An explorer in the jungles of Q'barra.

When the Last War began, many who had put their loyalties in one united Galifar were psychologically shattered. Unwilling to profess their allegiance to one nation these patriots set out to found a new region that would hold to the old tenets of Galifar. Duke Ven ir'Kesslan of Cyre petitioned for rights to settle the previously uninhabited region known as Q'barra. He was granted those rights and he took a flotilla of ships and set out along the coastline to find a place to settle the first of what they believed would be many cities to come. The journey was doomed from the start. Rough seas and piracy thinned the number of flotillas down by nearly a third. Finally the beleaguered caravan sojourned up Adder Bay and founded Adderport.

Over a decade, Adderport slowly grew in size and the numbers of settlers swelled as more individuals, displaced by the Last War, sought refuge. As Adderport grew it quickly outgrew its territory and new settlements spread out into what the people believed to be uninhabited Q'barra. They soon found that they had traveled over sites sacred to the lizardfolk tribes. In 969 YK, after 41 years of relative peace, the settlements were attacked by the Cold Sun Tribes. The battles were bloody and suddenly those who sought refuge from the neverending conflict of the Last War found themselves thrown into an altogether new fight. Veterans of the Last War took charge as field commanders and trained a militia. After a year of bloody conflict, the settlers managed to repel the lizardfolk with magical skills and advanced weapons. Five years after the Twilight Walkers, one of the Cold Sun Tribes, approached the capital city of Newthrone and sat down with King Sebastes ir'Kesslan. At first the nobles were skeptical but after a long week of discussions the two parties came to a tenuous accord known as the Vhak Za'shata. Since then the Twilight Walkers have acted as a liaison between the human settlements and the Cold Sun lizardfolk tribes.

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