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Psionics, mainly known as the Invisible Art or ki and colloquially known also as mind magic, is practiced by psions and others.[1]


The most notable psionicists belong to the powerful illithid race (which has earned the nickname "mind flayers" due to its considerable psionic powers, and appetite for brain matter), possessed of a communal intelligence.

Few members of any other race besides aboleths, inspired and their quori masters, and kalashtar are psionicists.

Nature of Psionics[]

Use of psionic power does not require spell components. Psionic power can be more quickly activated than either divine or arcane magic. Psionicists must possess formidable mental discipline in order to use their psionic powers.[1]

Although it has never been explicitly detailed, the range of Psionic powers is far smaller than the range of divine and arcane powers. However, psionicists do not need to "remember" their powers for later use; they can be called up at any time.[1]


Psionic powers are known as disciplines.[1] Known disciplines include:

  • The opening of dimensional doorways.
  • The emission of psionic blasts of force.
  • The ability to dominate those with weaker minds by force of will.
  • Telekinesis.
  • The ability to walk through solid things.
  • Telepathy.
  • The ability to absorb many "hits" (physical or magical) and then release their power at once.
  • The ability to "excite" the latent energy within an object, causing it to explode.
  • The ability to travel in astral form to the Astral Plane.


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