The Progenitor Dragons are Siberys, Khyber, and Eberron. The legend of the origin of the world of Eberron states that these three great dragons created the planar system and created (or discovered) the Draconic Prophecy.[1] The Progenitors are often described as being siblings.[2]

According to myth, after the Progenitors created much of the universe, Khyber betrayed her brethren and murdered Siberys. Eberron then used her own body to bind and trap Khyber in the depths of the world. Siberys is now (or was) referred to as "the Dragon Above," Eberron "the Dragon Between," and Khyber "the Dragon Below." The body of Siberys is said to have formed the Ring of Siberys, while Eberron became the surface world of the planet Eberron and Khyber became the underground realm of the same name, trapped within Eberron.[1]

The Dragons of Argonessen tell a more expanded version of the progenitor myth. In this version, "Golden" Siberys created magic, "Gentle" Eberron created life, and "Cruel" Khyber was the creator of that which lurks in darkness. In this version of the story, tensions between Khyber and Siberys first arose as the progenitors were creating the planes, due to differing visions of the planar system. Kythri, Mabar, and Xoriat are credited as creations of Khyber, while Daanvi, Fernia, and Irian are credited to Siberys. The murder of Siberys by Khyber was said to be a result of these tensions growing out of hand when the progenitors were faced with the final task of together creating the Material Plane.[2]

In addition to creating these realms, several creatures are credited to specific Progenitors. Fiends and Overlords are said to have been created by Khyber, as are Aboleths. The Couatls are said to have formed from the blood of Siberys, and Dragons are said to be formed from a mixing of the blood of Siberys with the life force of Eberron. The Dragons' and Coatls' conflicts with the Overlords and their minions are often said to be an extension of the conflict between Khyber and her siblings.[2] Tiamat, an Overlord of evil dragons, is specifically called out as daughter of Khyber.[2]

Worship[edit | edit source]

Despite the progenitor myth being a well-known story told throughout Eberron, direct worship of the progenitor dragons is rare. Most peoples worship other gods – either the pantheons of Sovereign Host and Dark Six, or beings that can be seen within the world, like the Silver Flame, the Undying Court, or the Lord of Blades. Though the name of the Cults of the Dragon Below implies that the cults worship Khyber, in reality most cults worship specific beings from Khyber, not the Progenitor herself.

However, there are exceptions. The Draconic religion of Thir considers the Progenitors to be the highest level of divinity, and respect their role in creation. However, even here, direct worship is rare – most Draconic worship is focused on the second tier of divinity, which features draconic aspects of the Sovereign Host.[2]

The kobolds are rare amongst the peoples of Eberron in that direct worship of the Progenitors is their most common form of religion. Each kobold tribe dedicates itself to a specific Progenitor, which they claim to have a particular bond with. The prevalence of sorcerers amongst the kobolds is credited to this bond. Kobold seers have an odd tendency to see visions of the Draconic Prophecy, which has also been credited to their connection with the Progenitors. Irvhir kobolds worship Khyber, a practice that outsiders frequently lump in with the Cults of the Dragon Below. Iredar kobolds worship Eberron in the form of a unique druidic sect that has no relation to the common druidic sects of Khorvaire. Siberys worshiping irsvern kobolds are extremely rare, if they exist at all, but are said to be winged.[3]

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