This product key is extracted from WotC's Consolidated Lists and can be used for adding references in the Unofficial Index of Officially Published Eberron Content. Sources that definitely do not contain Eberron content or references have been removed. All remaining sources are either Eberron books or possibly refer to Eberron in some context. Dragon Magazine and Dungeon Magazine have been included. Feel free to verify and remove/add any of the references in this list.

CAdComplete Adventurer
CArComplete Arcane
CCComplete Champion
CDComplete Divine
CMComplete Mage
CPComplete Psionic
CSComplete Scoundrel
CWComplete Warrior
DMDragon Magic
DragMagDragon Magazine
DEDragons of Eberron
DunMagDungeon Magazine
ECGEberron Campaign Guide 4th Edition
ECSEberron Campaign Setting
EPGEberron Player's Guide 4th Edition
EHExplorer's Handbook
ELQEyes of the Lich Queen
FEFaiths of Eberron
FCIFiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss
FCIFiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells
FNFive Nations
FWThe Forge of War
GCGrasp of the Emerald Claw
HBHeroes of Battle
HHHeroes of Horror
LoMLords of Madness
MICMagic Item Compendium
MoEMagic of Eberron
MoIMagic of Incarnum
MMMonster Manual v3.5
MM2Monster Manual II
MM3Monster Manual III
MM4Monster Manual IV
MM5Monster Manual V
PEPlayer's Guide to Eberron
PHPlayer's Handbook v3.5
PH2Player's Handbook II
RDRaces of Destiny
RERaces of Eberron
RSRaces of Stone
RDrRaces of the Dragon
RWRaces of the Wild
SoSSecrets of Sarlona
SXSecrets of Xen'drik
SLShadows of the Last War
ShSharn: City of Towers
ToBTome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords
TMTome of Magic
VGDVoyage of the Golden Dragon
WBWhispers of the Vampire's Blade