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Pegasus Spire is a tower in the Highwater district of the Upper Dura ward in Sharn, Breland, and an important enclave of House Vadalis.[2][3][4]


The enclave is the center of Vadalis operations in Sharn, serving as the manor of family members, though most house business is done in Dragon Towers.[3]

Notably, it's one of the only enclaves where pegasi are raised and trained. The flying horses occasionally emerge from the Syrania manifest zone and are stranded in the city, so Vadalis members rescue them, give care, and provide them with suitable companions.[4]

The Vadalis enclave has also always loved to be involved in the famous Race of Eight Winds. It contributes pegasus racers to represent Highwater, provides stables and training facilities for them, and has family members on the local Wind Guard committee that manages the race. [3] The Pegasus team of Highwater is a regular winner and the reigning champion, thanks to its speed, and the team and their supporters display white and silver colors. While some rivals may complain that House Vadalis helps the Pegasus win, referees always declare the races are fair.[5][6]

Associated with the enclave, there is a Vadalis outpost in the Bazaar of Middle Dura, which runs a courier service involving gargoyles. These deliver letters and small packages within the city for 5 gp, and outside it for an extra cost of 1 gp per 1 mile (1.6 kilometers) beyond the city limits. With only eighteen gargoyles, this service is still small yet is very efficient and has begun to disrupt House Orien's monopoly on courier businesses after being developed in recent years.[7] Another local business is Maynar's Menagerie in Deathsgate, which sells exotic pets and animal companions,[8][9] and a stable and hostelry in both the Terminus and Wroann's Gate districts serving visitors to Sharn.[10] Formerly, a Vadalis workshop breeding blink dogs was located in the Glass Tower of the Godsgate district, prior to its collapse in 918 YK.[11] The Pegasus Spire is in turn an annex of the main Vadalis enclave in Shavalant.[2]


The Pegasus Spire is traditionally the residence of the head of the Vadalis enclave.[3] Currently, this is Asa d'Vadalis.[1][note 1]



  1. Asa is only mentioned as a "key personality" of Upper Dura, with only stats and nothing else known about her. Based on location and prominence, it is presumed she is the head of the enclave.