The Overlords are the most powerful of the fiends of Eberron. They ruled the world during the Age of Demons.[2]

History Edit

The Overlords are the first true children of Khyber, sprung from Khyber ten million years ago. These spirits, also called the rakshasa rajahs, ruled over the lesser fiends during the Age of Demons. However, the children of Siberys and Eberron, the dragons and the couatls, joined forces to rid the world of the Overlords and their fiends. The couatls gave their lives to trap the thirty Overlords deep beneath Khyber, where they still sit today. Their former minions, the rakshasas and other fiends, have formed the Lords of Dust and seek to free the Overlords from their prisons.[2][3]

Notable MembersEdit

There are about 30 Overlords trapped across the world of Eberron, but only some of them are known:


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Known Overlords
Bel Shalor · Eldrantulku · Horned Prince · Katashka · Levistus · Masvirik · Rak Tulkhesh · Sakinnirot
Sul Khatesh · Tiamat · Tul Oreshka · Yad-Raghesh