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Orcus is a demon who was present on Khorvaire during the Age of Demons.[1]


During that time, he created a rift to Mabar in the area that would one day become Winterhaven, using it as a tool to bring undead into the world. Some time after the discovery of the Draconic Prophecy, Orcus was sealed within Khyber by the couatl and dragons although not all of his champions were trapped with him.[1]

During the reign of Galifar I, one of his powerful exarchs named Doresain attempted to raise an undead army to free Orcus, but was stopped by Sir Keegan and his paladins of Dol Dorn only to be trapped within Mabar himself.[1]

Still knowledge of Orcus would persist, as a thousand years later a group of kobolds were still worshiping him as the "Winged Demon" whom they believed to be an aspect of Khyber, the Dragon Below. This group would eventually be led by a dolgrim named Ironteeth who professed to worship Orcus himself, though his true allegiance lay with Kalarel, a member of the Blood of Vol who was attempting to trick the kobolds with his own knowledge of Orcus.[1]




Dungeon #155: "Keep on the Shadowfell" (Eberron Conversion)

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