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Oracle of War: Salvage Bases & Missions is a sourcebook for the Eberron setting using the 5th-edition rules for use in conjunction with the Oracle of War adventure series from the Adventurers League. It was originally provided to anyone who purchased the entire season on Dungeon Masters Guild but has since been removed.


Oracle of War: Salvage Bases and Missions contains new Dungeons & Dragons rules you can use to build a base in the Mournland, a terrifying, magically warped landscape in the Eberron campaign setting. Your base originates near Salvation, a frontier town on the border of the Mournland's mists. If you upgrade your base to its fullest potential, your home base can travel the world of Eberron with you.

In addition to the rules for building a base, this supplement contains ready-to-play adventures Dungeon Masters can run, allowing characters to earn a new resource called salvage. Salvage is an abstract currency used to purchase upgrades for your base. The supplement also includes rules, guidelines, and random tables to help DMs design their own Mournland adventures called salvage missions.

This supplement, created by the Guild Adepts, is legal for D&D Adventurers League play when used as part of the Oracle of War campaign. Your group can use the Oracle of War: Salvage Bases and Missions as written to create and upgrade a base. The adventures provided here can be integrated into the Oracle of War campaign, as can any base created by the characters. Adventures you create using the rules in this supplement are also legal for Adventurers League play as part of the Oracle of War campaign.




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