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The Omarens are a human family and one of the five most prominent families in the city of Stormreach in Xen'drik, known as the Storm Lords.[1]


The leader of the Omarens is Lady Paulo Omaren.[1]


The family business consists of building and maintaining the city infrastructure and the Omarens also own the Forge and the Foundry in the city. The family allows Cannith South to operate in their facilities. Besides being closely allied with Cannith South, the Omarens are also allied with the Iron Watch. The Iron Watch is a division of the city army composed of warforged loyal to the Omarens, making them very important to the family.[1]


The history of the Omarens is very tumultuous. The founder of the house was Delera Omaren, a pirate of the Thunder Sea with a strong following. With the coming of the Stormreach Compact in 800 YK, she shifted from being a powerful pirate to being a Storm Lord and an investor. She put her money toward the city Forge and Foundry, but did not invest wisely.[1]

In the year 890 YK, the leader of the family, Castal Omaren, attempted a coup. After this failed, remarkably, the four Storm Lords left standing allowed the Omaren family to retain their position as one of the five Storm Lords.[1]