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  • The Tain Gala
    City-icon Sharn   RepeatFirst Far of each month
    This massive gala is hosted by the powerful ir'Tain family and is perhaps the most important social event in all of Sharn. The families of the Sixty, Sharn's de facto royalty, all have permanent invitations, while unusual and interesting celebrities are invited as entertainment - potentially including adventurers.

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  • Crystalfall
    City-icon Sharn
    This somewhat morbid festival honors the destruction of Sharn's Glass Tower during the Last War. This attack, which occurred on 9 Olarune 918 YK, was the most notable attack on Sharn during the war. The tradition surrounding this festival is to carve ice sculptures of the tower and then throw them into the Dagger River. The largest event of this festival occurs in Sunset Park, in the Ocean View neighborhood.

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  • Bright Souls' Day
    Silver-flame The Silver Flame
    This Flamic festival, marking the end of winter, remembers the sacrifices and celebrates the lives of members of the church who died in the fight against evil. As it is a memorial day of sorts, practices include visiting the graves of the fallen to perform funeral rites. The faithful are forbidden to use artificial light sources for the entire day, though exceptions are made for emergencies.

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  • The Day of Mourning
    City-icon Sharn
    The Day of Mourning, 20 Olarune 994 YK, marked the destruction of the nation of Cyre, the end of hostilities in the Last War, and the creation of the dreaded Mournland. in the years since, 20 Olarune has become a day of remembrance for the lost kingdom of Cyre, celebrated with solemn stories of those lost and traditional Cyran art forms.

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