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  • The Tain Gala
    City-icon Sharn   RepeatFirst Far of each month
    Balls, galas, and feasts occur throughout the year, as ambassadors, nobles, and dragonmarked heirs wine and dine their relatives and associates. However, the Tain Gala has become an institution in Sharn. The ir’Tains, one of the oldest and most powerful families in Sharn, owns many towers and their wealth rivals that of the Kundarak clan. The guest list of the Tain Gala defines the social order of the city. The families with permanent invitations to the Gala, the Sixty, are the royalty of Sharn. In addition to these aristocrats and wealthy gentry, Lady Celyria ir’Tain does her best to invite a few unusual celebrities to entertain her guests—artists, poets, and sometimes adventurers. Aside from fantastic food and drink, such guests receive generous gifts and a temporary increase in status; for the next month, the attitude of any member of the Sixty is increased by one category when dealing with the celebrity. An adventurer known to be a friend of Lady ir’Tain often receives invitations to other events or other forms of special consideration.

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  • Crystalfall
    City-icon Sharn
    While Sharn was never besieged during the Last War, sabotage was a constant threat. The most devastating event of the war occurred on 9 Olarune 918 YK. A team of abjurers destroyed the enchantments supporting the Glass Tower, one of the city’s oldest floating citadels. Over the last few decades, a tradition has built up around this day. Crafters carve ice sculptures, creating beautiful miniature towers, and then hurl them into the Dagger River. Some see this as morbid, but for most of the participants, it is a way to remember what was lost — creating something beautiful and unforgettable, and then watching as it is destroyed. While carvings occur throughout the city, the largest and most prestigious gathering of sculptors occurs in Sunset Park in Ocean View (in Upper Tavick’s Landing). A few of the city councilors judge the sculptures, and the winner receives a purse of 150 gp.

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  • Bright Souls' Day
    Silver-flame The Silver Flame
    As the dark days of winter draw to a close, the Purified celebrates the lives, and the sacrifice, of every follower of the Flame who died fighting evil and protecting the faithful. Those who have lost relatives in the past five years perform the funeral rite on the gravesite (or in a church, if the gravesite is not accessible), while everyone else sings paeans of gratitude to the fallen. On this day, the Purified are forbidden to use artificial or magical light sources, except in emergencies. They enjoy the day and accept the fall of night, as those who have died experienced life and did not fear death.

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  • The Day of Mourning
    City-icon Sharn
    The Last War was a time of horrors. With every passing decade, deeper scars were carved into the surface of Khorvaire. But through a century of war, nothing had prepared the people of the Five Nations for the events of 20 Ollarune 994 YK — the day when thenation of Cyre was destroyed, leaving the Mournland in its wake. The nature and cause of the cataclysm remains a mystery, but on 20 Olarune those who survived the fall of Cyre gather to remember their lost kingdom. Some tell stories of the dead, while others teach the history of the nation to the young or perform traditional Cyran songs and dances. Others remember only the war, cursing the other nations for refusing to accept Mishann’s claim to the throne of Galifar.

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