Clan Noldrun was a dwarf clan of the Mror Holds.[1][2]

Some time around 600 YK, the whole clan vanished without explanation,[1][2] but Noldrun's rivals—Mroranon, Toldorath, and Tordannon—did not mourn their passing. While there are many rumors as to what happen, their lands are widely believed to be haunted and are thus shunned.[1]

It was based at Noldrunhold, near the southern end of the Ironroot Mountains.[1] Noldrunhold lies abandoned[3] and its capital, Noldrunthrone, southeast of the Goradra Gap, is in ruins.[2]

A legend links the missing Clan Noldrun to the Khyber-dwelling duergar, supported by their large population below Noldrunhold and the Goradra Gap.[4] It is said that the abased descendants of Clan Noldrun survived as mad, twisted shadows of dwarf-kind.[2]




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