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The neogi are a race of spider-like aberrations that are ruthless, xenophobic slavers and plunderers.[2]


Neogi are descendants of the dwarves of the lost deep kingdom, those who exiled the clans that first formed the Mror Holds. The daelkyr formed these aberrations by twisting the greed in the dwarves to a desire to consume and control everything around them. Now the neogi remain among the shattered ruins of the extinct dwarf civilization, regarded as little more than a legend by those above.[1]


The neogi are extremely cruel and capricious towards others, even of their own kind. Neogi desire to own everything they see, and delight in taking slaves.[2]


The neogi possess the ability to dominate others to serve their whims. They have a poisonous bite.[2]


Neogi society is cruel and greedy to the extreme.[2]

They do not follow the daelkyr in the present day.[1]


Neogi are thought to reside in Khyber beneath the Ironroot Mountains of the Mror Holds. Their tunnel system stretches through to other nations including to parts of Karrnath, the Lhazaar Principalities, and the Talenta Plains.[1]


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