"'It takes an anvil to shape an axe' is a proverb our Mror clansfolk are fond of repeating. What few remember is how the original proverb ends. 'But it takes gold to first see the anvil forged.'"
Lord Morikkan d'Kundarak is the head of House Kundarak, the dragonmarked house of dwarves bearing the Mark of Warding.[1]

History Edit

Morrikan d'Kundarak is over one hundred years old, and is one of the few leaders of a Dragonmarked House to experience life before the Last War. He was a member of the Iron Council involved in the formation of the Mror Holds.[1][2][3]

Appearance & Personality Edit

Outsiders see Lord Morrikan as a weary leader, perhaps exerted from the war however, his mind is so sharp that he remembers the last four times over the century that his advisers have suggested a given course of action. Like many Kundarak members Morikkan is cautious and circumspect. Though he bides his time with his actions, once Morikkan has come to a decision he will refuse to back down from it.

Over the last five years he has been encouraging younger members with the Mark of Warding to travel to the Eldeen Reaches and the Shadow Marches to establish ties of honour with the Gatekeeper Druids. This is because of a natural connection between Kundarak and the Gatekeepers as the latter are essentially involved in a large scale warding project.[3] 


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