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Monster Manual 2 is a core sourcebook for the 4th-edition Dungeons & Dragons® ruleset. An expansion upon the first Monster Manual, it presents many new monsters, as well as new versions of older ones.

Do You Hear Something?

Brave adventurers scour the dungeon in search of treasure, but around the next dark corner something terrible and hungry waits for them. What will it be this time?

This DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® core rulebook contains a horde of monsters to unleash upon your campaign world and its greatest heroes. It includes monsters appropriate for all levels of play. Terrorize your players with such classic creatures as silver dragons, frost giants, and rust monsters. Threaten them with new variants of existing 4th Edition monsters, including new beholders, demons, and lycanthropes. Surprise them

with never-before-seen monsters such as the star spawn, the witherling, and the chaos shard. Your D&D® game will never be the same!
— Back-cover text


Like the first, Monster Manual 2 consists of only four chapters, though the first chapter composes most of the book. The chapters are as follows:

  1. Monsters A to Z — This chapter, by far the largest, includes roughly 300 monsters from abolethic skum to yochlol tempters, listed alphabetically. Each section focuses on a particular monster type, with a small amount of background information for use in games, along with statistics for use in an encounter.
  2. Glossary — An explanation of the terms used in the book, such as creature origins (including natural creatures and elementals) as well as game mechanics terms.
  3. Racial Traits — This chapter serves as a supplement to the Player's Handbook, providing players with alternatives to the core races in the form of "monster" races. Unlike the core races, however, these races are not extensively playtested and can be unbalanced compared to the others.
  4. Monsters by Level - A listing of all the monsters detailed in the book, sorted alphabetically by level and monster role.


angelankhegant, giantarchon, elementalbarghestbebilithbehirbeholder (gauth)blood hawkbloodthornbone golembugbearbullywugcentaurcentipedechain golemchaos shardclay golemcockatricecouatlcyclopsdarkmantledevadireguarddire tigerdjinndretchduergardust devileladrineldritch gianterinyesfirbolgfomorianfrost giantfrost titangenasigeonidgnollgnomegoblinoidgoliathgray renderhalf-elfhalf-orchobgoblinhomunculushuman (assassincavalier • dire beast hunter • gladiator • hexer • mystagogue • noble • pirate • slaver)hydra (razor hydra)ice trolliron golemkazrithkenkukrensharlizardfolklycanthrope (wereboarweretiger)mammothmarutmetallic dragons (copper dragongold dragoniron dragonsilver dragon)myconidneoginothicnycademononiooze (black puddinggray oozegreen slime)remorhazretrieverrust monstershadar-kaisharkslaadsphinxspider (bristle spiderphase spidertomb spider)sprigganstar spawn (Herald of HadarMaw of AcamarScion of Gibbeth) • steel predatorstone gianttigertroglodytewarforgedwill-o'-wispwindstrikerwinter wolfwitherlingwood woadxornyochlol


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