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Monks are martial artists who usually live in monasteries.[1]


They rigorously train the mastery of their bodies and minds, notably being able to defend themselves with their bare hands and certain specialized weapons. Due to the discipline imposed by this training, monks must be of lawful nature. Monks may travel among the general populace, looking like simple peasants. But when a monk leaves the monastery, it is generally to seek out adventures that they can use to test their skills against.[1]


A monk is proficient with unarmed strikes and certain martial arts weapons. They can also use these weapons in a flurry of blows, a rapid succession of strikes. Eventually, the monk even can take a foe's life with his powerful strikes.[1]

As they grow more powerful, the monk's body becomes a paragon of physical perfection. The monk is able to resist disease and poison and heal their own wounds.[1]

The monk has the ability to fall from increasingly greater heights and not be harmed.[1]

The monk can channel their own pseudo-magical energies called ki. Their ki power allows the monk to strike even creatures that can't normally be affected by physical attacks.[1]


Monasteries dot the landscape of Khorvaire and Adar.[2]

Notable Monastaries[]

  • Monastery of Orla-un[3]

Notable Monks[]



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