Mishva the Conqueror is an outspoken dragonborn of the Stormhorn clan in Q'barra. She has been pushing her people to declare open war on the humans of Q'barra. Her end goal is for the return of the dragonborn empire, and a return to greatness for her people. Though she has a large amount of dragonborn, kobold, and lizardfolk, the elders of the Stormhorn clan have been actively dissuading her from her stance.[1]


Of the many dragonborn clans that make their home in Q'barra, the Stormhorn clan is one of the four most powerful. They operate from their clanhome in the southwestern section of Q'barra. Amongst those in the Stormhorn Clanhome, one of the families is the Garodya.

Mishva was an unremarkable warrior under her brother Shamash's death at the hands of Elder Nevillom, a priest of the Silver Flame and the leader of Wyrmwatch, after a trade deal went bad. She vowed vengeance for her brother's death, and began a training regimen that vastly increased her abilities.

Wanting to take the fight to Wyrmwatch, Mishva began organizing like-minded dragonborn. Under the nervous eye of both the elders of the Stormhorn clan and the Q'barran King Sebastes, Mishva built a fortress at the foot of the Endworld Mountains. From her fortress, she is within striking distance of both the Stormhorn Clanhold and Wyrmwatch. She has gathered a large force of dragonborn, kobolds, and lizardfolk under her command, and they have taken to making strikes against not only various Q'barran trade routes, but also sent raiders into Valenar and the Blade Desert.

Unknown to all but her trusted advisors, Mishva has been approached by the blue dragon Tarmahkan of Argonnessen. Tarmahkan also seeks a return of the dragonborn empire, as well as control of the hidden ruins of Haka'torvhak, and sees Mishva as a means to make those goals a reality.

Mishva has already announced her intention of entering the Ka'rhashan ritual war. If she succeeds, then she will have a position of power over the dragonborn's holy city.[1][2]


In addition to her traditional dragonborn abilities, Mishva is an expert in the wingspear.[1]


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