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Minara Vol was a female elf, member of House Vol during the War of the Mark and mother to Erandis Vol. It is believed Minara was killed by the red dragon Avothirax.

History[edit | edit source]

Minara was the matriarch of House Vol and a powerful necromancer. Minara sought to put an end to the long conflict between elves and dragons by fusing the blood of both races. Minara was impregnated by a green dragon known as the Emerald Claw and soon after gave birth to a girl whom she called Erandis after her grandmother. Minara fell in love with the Emerald Claw during her pregnancy and the two raised the child in secret. How others learned of the secret child is a mystery to this day, some claim she was betrayed by one of the elves of House Vol, though, no one can explain who or why this was done. The prevailing belief is that Erandis' own father, desperate for an end to the intermittent but devastating conflicts between the elves and dragons announced the news of the succesful union of the two. Upon learning of Erandis' existence, dragons and elves united under the goal of eradicating House Vol and its bloodline. Erandis was slain but Minara revived her as a lich and had close allies escort her to Khorvaire. Soon after a powerful red dragon named Avothirax arrived at the head of an elven army that stood one thousand strong.

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