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Mephlings are creatures are similar to the mephits of Fernia, Lamannia, and Risia, but they are more human-like and less powerful. They come from the same planes as their mephit counterparts.[2][1]


There are four known species of mephlings:

Air Mephlings
Air mephlings resemble short humans with cloud-white skin and gossamer-thin bat-like wings. They prefer the joys of traveling and the playing of wind instruments. Air mephlings can fly.[2]
Earth Mephlings
Earth mephlings appear like short, stony, hairless dwarves. They are stronger than other mephlings, and feel at harmony with the earth. Earth mephlings can burrow.[2]
Fire Mephlings
Fire mephlings resemble small imps, with reddish-bronze fiery skin. They are the closest to their mephit heritage, with fire in their blood.[2]
Water Mephlings
Water mephlings look like small humans with fish-scaled skin and black, bulbous eyes. They tend to be calm and strong. Water mephlings can swim easily.[2]


Mephlings look like less comely versions of their mephit ancestors, but with stunted wings. They tend to look younger than mephits as well.[2]


Mephlings fit in oddly with any society. They are sometimes raised in foster communities, and will sometimes feel ostracized in those comminities. Almost all mephlings feel the need to travel, and are drawn to explore the world.[2]


Each mephling has the ability to generate a breath weapon of their elemental type: air mephlings breathe a cone of dust and grit; earth mephlings can breathe a cone of rock shards and pebbles; fire mephlings can breathe a cone of flame; and water mephits can breathe a cone of caustic liquid.[2]



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