The Menechtarun, also called the Menechtarun Desert, is a desert in Xen'drik. It is huge, over a 1000 miles (1600 kilometers) wide and covering much of the north-western part of the continent.[3][4]


The desert is home to a number of races: the armands,[1] the bhuka, the asherati, and the thri-kreen.[2]

The armand tribes usually erect caravanserai at or near desert oases and welcome travelers, traders, and adventurers. They have peaceful relations with the sand giants of the Golden Sargasso, trading regularly with them, and also trade with orc and goatfolk tribes in the neighboring Fangs of Argarak.[1]


Due to shifting climate and terrain, dire apes can be found amidst the dunes.[5]


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